Nurturing Thursday: You’ve Got The Green Light



Stuck in traffic?
Think of it as following your bliss!  

 Joy is right up there with Heart’s Desire
listen to Luciana Williams she has some down and dirty ideas for what to do when some one takes your joy.


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Nurturing Thursday: Walk In The Glow

Point isabel

Point Isabel Sunset

Short moment of
light flash the end of day
Catch it in your heart
Hold it all the night.
Be Ye Nurtured

Many Blessings Are Yours


Becca Givens and

Frequent Contributors to
Nurturing Thursday:

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Tea and Paper
Carol Carlisle
Jacqueline King
Pocket Perspectives
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Poem To Sage



before dawn

before dawn

arriving before dawn with the song of the dove
arriving at the edge of the earth
with nowhere else to go

crossing the Arkansas River bridge
with its wooden board exploding like fire works

sage escorts me to the next world
scraggly plant
wise person
act of purification

entering her presence
I slow down
breathing becomes a prayer
blessed and blessing
thanks be to sage.

Carol Carlisle




Margo Rody asked us to write a poem using a powerful sensory word I chose sage not knowing where it would lead, It became a prayer.

Daily Post 7/17/14 Nosey Delights

Nurturing Thursday: Sing, Dance, Meditate Twice as Much

Someone once asked Mahatma Gandhi:
“What do you do when you are too busy to meditate?”He replied:
“I meditate twice as much.”


meditate twice as much

We can add: If you’re too busy to sing or sing twice as much with friends…



or dance twice as fancy



What would you recommend we do twice and much?

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Wonder Wednesday Challenge: Connectedness

“Not Separate is any creature or object–from the Light”. Hafiz


photo 1 How are you connected? 

Once long ago after a small but traumatic accident I felt like I couldn’t get back to being “myself”. I received a card with a heart that had a small crystal in the center, and every day for ten days I used that as a focal point for meditation. I began to think of it as “aligning with Light”. I came back to myself-connect with myself. I was healed and here many years later these words from Hafiz the Sufi Master fell into my lap this week. Perhaps a reminder   I need to rekindle that practice. I hope my words and story are of use for you.

Have a wonderful Wednesday

What reminds you that you are not separate?

I’m “connecting” this with the Wonderful Wisdom of Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursday

Wonder Wednesday: Where Do You Go?

There is a place

There is a place…

There is a place you can go
where you are quiet,
a place of water and the light

on the water. Trees are there,…

~ Wendell Berry ~
Wonder Wednesday has escaped me over the busy holiday, probably a time I needed it the most, but today we return to turning our attention and intention to Wonder!
Feel free to use this image and these words as a doorway into meditation and or a writing.  I would love to here about your quiet place. If you post a response I would  enjoy seeing it just share a link in the comment section.
You can find the entire poem at Panhala It is a fine site that will give you a “Poem a Day”  I highly recommend it.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday

Wonder Wednesday: Who Is Welcomed At Your Table?



WELCOMED  TABLE a place to wonder

Welcome Table Contemplation

Chairs scattered here and there waiting for friends to arrive

are you a welcomed friend at your own table?

No matter who shows up

show up for yourself,

this I tell myself.

Roses grow where they are planted

if you treat them right.

Seek the soil of kindness and joy

 for your self and all those around you.

Bless all who enter and give thanks.

(Is that Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks singing lead?)

According to the choir director of Jonah and the Wailers (seem below) the old Gospels song The Welcome Table originally was a Jewish idea.  Good idea for this year’s, once in a life time hybrid holiday of Thanksgiving and Chanukah.

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and Chanukah To You!

Nurturing Thursday: Life Lessons From an Outdoor Concert


Why are you here?

How to let go

Advice from An Outdoor Concert

Stop asking:

“Why am I here when I

can’t even see the stage.” Perhaps you can

watch the moon rise above the trees or

talk to your companions

who waved come sit with me.


The fiddle player knows the tune,

he’s played it one thousand times.

The moon can find her way across the sky,

the path is well trod.

Drink all this in

listen to the music

look to moment.

Will there ever be an other

night like tonight?

© Carol Carlisle 9/19/13

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Wonder Wednesday: Staying Focused In Time of Change



Awe and Shock

Everywhere the electricity of change sparks!

The bridge will close at eight tonight,

Fire burns our beloved family camp,

I scatter petals on a friends grave,

I fill a page with the names of friends moving                                                                         and moving on to the next dimension.

I write, I breathe, I pray.

I Stand my ground

l am lotus.

8-28-13 Carol Carlisle

I should save this for Nurturing Thursday but I need to write it today. How do you deal with change?

Wonder Wednesday: How Does He Do That?

Balanced Stones Of San Francisco Bay

The man who balances stones.

The man who balances stones.

 When we are in balance we evolve.

Click on any picture for closer look.

How do you think he does it? There is no glue or stickum of any kind he just places these stone one on top of the other.



He kneels in front of his creation


the next stone to be placed close to his face

head tilted


for the scent that tells him gravity is lifted,

that sweet moment when harmony and

balance say let go…

Carol Carlisle 6/19/2013