Some times you need your heart cracked open and this song is doing it for me today.

Much may be said and written today, and in the days to follow, about Pete Seeger, I want to express my gratitude for the blessing of his life and the gift of music and meaning he brought to the world.

Hopefully for the next few days the world will slow down and just listen to its heart!!!

This is the top search on YouTube right now!

“If I Had a Hammer” was the theme song of my 20s

just playing in the background almost un-noticed

a hymn on the wind of that time

Thank you Pete for reminding me to sing.

What would you like say to Pete?

6 thoughts

  1. Pete Seeger was such a precious treasure of a human being. There is a PBS special about his life, created several years ago…really inspiring.
    What a perfect song for him to sing in that video…”forever young”… the words so embrace his life philosophies…
    (here’s a page I created, with the words to “forever young”…..words I I find incredibly inspiring!!!… )
    What a courageous and inspiring man he was…and his music continues to be!


  2. Pete Seeger brought us back to the simple things. I am so inundated with stimuli these days, it is good stuff, but still, remembering him is like a breath of fresh air. Sad he had to die for me to remember him.


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