Plum tree at pullout
1-Plum tree at pullout  on the way to Brookside trail (My nod to Thomas Kinkade)
2-Brookside Plum tree
2-Brookside Plum tree
Plums with cars
Plums with cars
quick look
3-quick look for plum blossoms on side street as we drive by
Bear Fountain
4-Bear Fountain straight into the sun and bay beyond.
Goodwill window: What's wrong with this picture?
5-Goodwill window: What’s wrong with this picture?

Wild plums bloom toward the end of January around Albany and Berkeley. Saturday we went on our annual pilgrimage to my favorite spot in Tilden Park to see them. I have photographed the cluster of trees at Brookside trail head, picture 2, for many years. This year I had to crop it because there were too many parked cars near it to give  it any impact. Some years I shiver in the rain alone but it was 73 this year which brought everyone with a car out for a stroll in the park.

I included the palm tree photo and the bear fountain because they are take from Marine Ave a very steep hill that I can only photograph if I am a passenger. The bear fountain is over 100 years old I think the B&W captures its age.

Finally, a quick stop at Good Will provided us with interesting reflections and some confusion about the time of year and is good for a giggle.

I hope you enjoyed the trip around town. For those freezing in another arctic storm I am sending you Sun Shine and Warmth! Which photo does that the best for you?

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