Daffodil out front

It always surprises me. I planted a few daffodil bulbs off in a corner, 30 years ago, and they have since become over grown by the rose-bush, but every year they bravely come up the first week of February just when their bright shinning faces are needed the most.

Neighbors  Yellw Hous in the rain
Neighbors Yellow House in the rain

This week when it began to rain I ran around taking pictures of the water falling from the sky like I was  trying to save it in a bucket, because who knows how long the rain would last. Anyhow that’s how I came to have this drippy photo of our neighbor’s house. Travel Theme  wanted Yellow and Daily Post suggested neighbors so I’m double dipping today or killing two birds with one stone.

One Bird not much yellow

Neighboring Mockingbird between the rain storms
Neighborhood Mockingbird takes shelter outside my other window.

18 thoughts

  1. Yes, that is a nice color, Yellow the color of spring, it’s really amazing how bulbs can poke their heads up anywhere, you would think the tubers would rot in the wet winter weather. Like your photos.
    You may be wondering why I commenting here, Well here’s the story – I’m doing “Blogging 101” assignments, for Day 11, I picked “Good Fences” which, was a prompt I found interesting.
    Today Day 12 we are asked to go and read six posts and comment.
    It looks like the prompt I picked, there were not many recent ones, but that doesn’t matter I see you are still writing some recent ones, will go a check them out before I read another “Good Fences” prompt blog and comment.


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