Celtic knot decal on my window
1.Celtic Love knot decal on window with rain drenched cedar in the background

  A Love Potion to Rain Just In Time for Valentines Week

Rain drops appeared to be collecting in the upraised caldron of the celtic knot transparent decal on my kitchen window. By Getting in close enough and angling my phone just right the cedar darkened the background so I could collect the raindrops. Hopefully it will be enough to create a potion to keep the rain coming to quench the drought.

Rain drops on lime
2.Rain drops on lime

I used a “color burs”t filter to give a sense of the power of wet and green against a grey dry and thirsty world.

Moss on tree truck
3.Moss on tree truck

I had to stand in a soggy flower bed to get up close to the tree trunk. and I was happy doing it.

I know I must seem obsessed with rain but having ben without it so long I’m like a kid in a candy story and can’t get enough of it. Which Photo do you think captures the feeling of rain?

Editing notes: All pictures were take with iPhone 4s native camera. Edited with both Phototoster and native filters. Phototoaster does a good job of straightening photos which I always need.

Created for Lens and Pens Macro Phoneography

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Daily Prompt asked for Circle Wednesday 2/12. So I am linking my Monday post with several circles to it.

35 thoughts

    1. Hmmm! I is such a pleasure to have another eye look at my work. Now I see how the lime works as a photo even though I’m in love with the Celtic knot. I’ll print out a few to see how they work. Thank you. Happy Monday to you too.


  1. Like the Celtic decal. I find it difficult to imagine months without rain. This winter hardly a day has gone by without the wet stuff falling from the sky. Everywhere is soggy though luckily we don’t have the flooding that is causing mayhem in the south-west of England.


  2. I just now bought boots 🙂 can you believe it? We have definite wet and dry seasons out here and we depend on the November though March rains, so if they don’t come we are in trouble.Maybe you sent us some rain thanks. Actually there was flooding this weekend because the rain came so fast. Now it’s stopped. WE Need balance!!!!
    Happy Monday


  3. I love the mysticism of the Celtic Knot and you got the angle just right to make it seem like they are collecting the rain. I agree though that the lime captures the essence of life giving rain the best. Something about the color and the coolness of the photograph. And the little drop on the bottom. Nice!


    1. Hugs back Barbara, I responded to your comment on my smart phone but it didn’t show up here. I also commented on one of your blogs that way I wonder if you got that. Maybe these devises aren’t so smart!?


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