Wise words from Angeles Arrien’s “Four Fold Way”

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  1. Carol, I’m in week #4 of Angele’s continuing Four Fold Way Wednesday night seminar program in Sausalito! (I did that initial week long program in November) And my mantra ….. “I’m showing up, I’m choosing to be present!” (the ideas in “watering our spirits,” post and pages, with the hydrangea…that hydrangea blossom is showing up…and watering our spirits enough to be able to do that….many of those ideas are ideas from the first week in the seminar, carrying the ideas into “action” in my everyday life. Today’s post is also coming out of those ideas in Angeles’ book and seminars… “trusting” that one has abundant positive qualities and can depend upon living with those qualities (trusting oneself to be able to do that) on that Appreciation qualities page)
    And…showing up????… I’m now teaching English to 3Tibetan monks, at a new center in East Richmond hills….can you believe that? I’m doing it and really enjoying it! I love teaching!
    Angeles is giving a “Living in Gratitude” weekend seminar at Mt Madonna Center in March… I think I’ll go to that too. (I went to another one there in October and it was wonderful) She has such amazing wisdom, truly a remarkable person! (link to info about that weekend, if you’re interested: )


    1. I wonder if any other Bay Area people might like to get together and go to the Gratitude weekend at Mt. Madonna? The rooms are very nice, the people are friendly, the food is wonderful and it’s in a lovely setting in the Santa Cruz mountains, high above and overlooking the Monterrey Bay. And Angeles offers abundant usable strategies and experiential exercises/activities to connect with heart.


      1. You are filled with so much wisdom it must have caught it in the air. This quote just popped into my mind this morning. I did Angeles work years ago It would be fun to refresh and renew my connection with her. I have major health issues making demands just now. Maybe later in the spring.
        Do you know the Dali Lama is in town this week end. I bet your Monks will be seeing him.


        1. Hope your feel better soon!
          How wonderful that you’ve already been part of learning and practicing Angeles’ ideas. Lucky you!
          And yes, the monks will be going to the Dalai Lama events in Berkeley and on the peninsula, but not in San Francisco. I’m going to one in San Francisco and looking forward to it!


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