1 xle heart
1 crystal heart on frosty window
2. The Kiss
2. The Kiss
3. Hiding
3. Don’t shoot!

This week Lens and Pens asked us to consider how phones and tablets are changing  the art form of photography. I have used two typical dinning out photos, that so many of us take. and transformed them into black and whites to see if they can become artful.  I played with the idea of what do you love by starting with the crystal heart.

Today I know ask you, not which you like, but which picture do you spend more time looking at and why? Which I guess might be the same as like.

Sally also had a link to this video of 20th century Black and White Photography for all of us Black and White Lovers

. Happy Monday.

Here are other entries for this week’s challenge:









20 thoughts

  1. I am learning a lesson here for sure. I quickly shot te crystal this morning to add to the challenge. I did choose this image because of how the background merged with the heart. thanks for the feed back.


  2. I relate to all three. The first one reminds me of when I used to take unusual picturres like that. The second one reminds me of the “olden days” when I was young. The third reminds me of the relatives I used to try and get a picture of. lol
    So over-all, I like the second one.


    1. well thought out reviews of each, Neal, The kiss was fun. The 1Phone lets me take a series so I can catch nice moments. A kiss or a “don’t shoot.
      Practice with your phone around the house. the Heart is just hanging in my window 🙂


  3. All three are effective in black and white. Originally I kept going back to number one because I was trying to ‘figure it out’. but I’m pretty fond of the third shot. I don’t think it would be as interesting in color, but the b&w add a timelessness to it. It becomes the iconic ‘don’t take a pic of me’ pic!


    1. I’m so glad you see that iconic look of 3 that is what I was going for especially after watching the video of classic 20th century photography. The first one would be a nice greeting card.


    1. I just printed out the heart and it kept it’s sparkle, a lot of iPhone pics don’t look so good printed… The kiss does look like bus capture. It was sweet friends of my daughter’s during dinner.


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