I was reminded how much I am enlivened by Cold Play’s Viva la Vida reading Colline’s Blog. She share a sweet family story and 2  very different versions Viva la Vida. Please check it out. I chose this version for the dancing by all the differently abled people celebrating the closing ceremonies of the 2011 Paralympics. The 2014 Paralympics start today.

Yesterday I Asked what super hero would you be, all the para olympians are heroes as far as I’m concerned.

Another Super Hero to me is Cold Play’s Viva la Vida drummer with the powerful right arm. He could turn stop a speeding freight train and he makes me sweat just looking at him. Ooops! Said too much. Let’s go dancing as we are able.

Which is your favorite Version of Viva la Vida?

PS. Remember you have to open on-line to see  the videos and they’re best viewed in full screen. 

5 thoughts

  1. (Thank you so much for the link to my blog 🙂 )
    I loved watching the dancing in this version. It is so inspiring isn’t it?
    Of course I love Coldplay’s version of the song as well as the one my daughter introduced me too. A fellow blogger introduced me to another version (by a Belgian girls’ choir) which gave me goose flesh. Definitely a song one would not forget in a hurry.


    1. My pleasure. I had such a good time looking all the different versions. I saw the girl’s choir listed. I’ll have to go back and look for it. The story of you and your daughter was very sweet and tender. I remember when my daughter was learning guitar but they did Monster Mash a very different experience. Children do bring the unexpected into our life they are, you might say a reason to shot Viva la Vida!


  2. love, love, love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And soooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1… I just drove my husband home from the hospital….yesterday, they found and fixed a very blocked heart artery BEFORE anything happened… VIVA LA VIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( St Peter DIDN’T call his name yet! (from the lyrics)….Wooowooooowooooowoooo.)
    A version of Viva La Vida that I I like… http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/viva-la-vida-long-live-the-life/


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