Super Hero
Super Heroine? Goddess?Goat Priestess?

Delicate and Gentle on the outside fierce on the inside or

Fierce on the outside and a softy within?

I may be the Mother of the Goat Girl Priestess, but today I’m feeling kinda swampy, so I’m wearing a Mother Wolf veneer in the form of an old tattered sweatshirt that gives me strength and protection, it also keeps me warm.

Answer Questions Three to become a Super Hero or Goddess!

  1. What are your powers or how do you bless the world?
  2. What wisdom do you hold?
  3. How will you come to your own aid today?

Here’s some extra wisdom from me: yesterday’s Light Words Waiting in the Dark.

Becca Givens is the High Priestess of Nurturing Thursday.

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Have a Happy and Healthy Thursday!

13 thoughts

  1. “My Powers” – Dwindling with age.
    My Wisdome – Dwindling with age.
    Coming to my own aid today – Probably crawling very slow.



  2. What a wonderful post!! I am an attractor of animals in need – whether it be a home, nourishment, energy work, or assistance in their transition journey. I bless my “kiddos” with whatever I have! Including syringe feeding my elder cat who is my “heart”! My nurturing involves a daily end of day hot soak to unwind and replace energies. Namaste ~~


    1. Becca, You Are “Nurturing Mother of All Creatures”! The care and attention you give our weekly meeting place, your kiddos and yourself entitles you to that honor…
      Many Blessings


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