Inside a basket of nature's wonders
Inside a basket  full of Mother Nature’s treasures

A lavender wand and a heart-shaped box of decorated with shells, hide among other Mother Natures treasures. I believer there is also a coyote melon, a yucca seed pod, coral, and a pine cone all brought home from my wanderings about this planet. The basket sits on the hearth of our unused fireplace  for a reminder of where we’ve been and where we hope to go again.

Another view
Exploring deeper, looking closer..

What wonder would want to pick up to pick up and hear its story?

10 other inside stories:

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  1. Another thing you could dois find a really old quart fruit jar with the glass lid and bail on it. Fill it full of small things from your childhood (way back then). I have a couple of those full of “stuff” (like my Dick Tracy light, skate key,some marbles and etc.) and set them on the mantel or somewhere. Kinda neat and brings back memories when I look at them.



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