Cloud Capturing At Emery Point. Who say you can’t take pictures at noon?

squall on the horizon
1. squall on the horizon

Emery Points pokes out into the San Francisco Bay a couple of hundred yards. It’s just the right place to come after a rain storm for cloud capturing. Also a good place for experimenting with a panorama setting. I’ve found holding the phone still while I pivot seems to keep the horizon level.

Embry Point
2.Emery Point

Fun with Black and White and texture. For a quick stop at the bay it became a festival of photography. We learned last week about new apps so I tried one.

5.B&W drama
4 .B&W drama
4.Same photo Glaze app
4.Same photo Glaze app

Hoped you enjoyed your day on the bay which one do you like best?

To learn more about digital photography go to Lens and Pens

Camera notes. I shot the first one in Camera+ on my iPhone4s the rest were its native camera.

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22 thoughts

  1. One of my favorite thing about the iPhone is the panorama option! I like them all and the fun you had playing with them, but my favorite is the very first one, as it captures the beauty of the mountains (my favorite) as well as the water and flowers (two of my next favorites.)



    1. No doubt about it my favorite too. It’s wonderful when the moment of shooting, getting down to capture the flowers and the bay all at the same time, shows in the picture!
      Love love the panorama function. It give us a chance to take home the whole scene in one shot.
      Happy Monday Janet


  2. aloha Carol. i like the glaze app a lot too. it’s way fun to play with. i like the first photo because of the juxtaposition of the cloud formations with the stones. that is a great devise to capture the eye and yet keep it moving (back and forth) too. fun. aloha.


    1. Hello Big Kahuna,
      Glazing seems like what might be a fun acid trip. 😉
      Yes I purposely framed the first one with the yellow flowers. I needed to give the bay view a little variety, glad you noticed. Well described


  3. Liked the “B&W Drama” photo. I always enjoy looking at clouds. Especially when I[m driving down the highways. Kind of gets my imagination working. lol
    But all your photos are great Carol.



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