Phoneography: Irresistible Clouds

Cloud Capturing At Emery Point. Who say you can’t take pictures at noon?

squall on the horizon

1. squall on the horizon

Emery Points pokes out into the San Francisco Bay a couple of hundred yards. It’s just the right place to come after a rain storm for cloud capturing. Also a good place for experimenting with a panorama setting. I’ve found holding the phone still while I pivot seems to keep the horizon level.

Embry Point

2.Emery Point

Fun with Black and White and texture. For a quick stop at the bay it became a festival of photography. We learned last week about new apps so I tried one.

5.B&W drama

4 .B&W drama

4.Same photo Glaze app

4.Same photo Glaze app

Hoped you enjoyed your day on the bay which one do you like best?

To learn more about digital photography go to Lens and Pens

Camera notes. I shot the first one in Camera+ on my iPhone4s the rest were its native camera.

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Phoneography: Macro Nature Images and Opinion

Sally Donatello’s, creator of Lens and Pens, search for a new name for Non Traditional photography got me to thinking should Non SLR be included. So I did my own experiment.  I took pictures of our quince with both my iPhone and my digital camera. These two photos are the results.They both have been cropped. The one on the left was taken with the iPhone the right is from my digital point and shoot. Click on them to see them full size.

The images don’t tell the whole story however, because I can make almost as many adjustments with the point and shoot as I could with my SLR. It seems to me the challenge is lost using a point and shoot with 16 mega pixels and 15X zoom. I also became aware I spend more time looking with my phone and less time adjusting, maybe I didn’t capture pollen on petals but I created more images. It is a totally different experience shooting with a phone, tactile and immediate, and more inmate . My header and background photos was taken with my iPhone.

Another thing I aways have my phone with, that’s why on my way home from the store Saturday I stopped by Strawberry Creek to look for willow catkins. Here are a few images:

willow catkin-iphone photo edited and cropped in phototoaster

willow catkin-iphone photo edited and cropped in phototoaster

This is suppose to be a macro challenge but this as close as I could get without falling in the stream. While I’m at it here’s the Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek

Horsetail husk shoot with iPhone no enhancement

Horsetail husk shoot with iPhone no enhancement

Horsetail up close

Horsetail up close

Which photo do you prefer?

and any opinion about whether digitals camera should be included in the same category as camera phones.

Happy Monday

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Phoneography: Watercolor Shadows Series

on deck in the East Bay Hills

1. John and Jim and their shadows

1. John and Jim and their shadows

2 Jim and an old man's shadow

2 Jim and an old man’s shadow

3 Sue has many shadows

3 Sue has many shadows

While sunning ourselves on a friends deck I noticed the shadow began to take on a life of their own as the sun moved toward the western horizon. We usually take more photos of the fog on the San Francisco skyline, but this afternoon the shadow were more interesting. As the stucco was collected and reflected the light creating textures of watercolor paper I knew right away how I was going to edit them to move away from snap shots to Art in a way only digital photography can. Edited this way the photos became, perhaps, illustrations in an unwritten graphic novel, especially with this final photo.

4. The hand

4. The hand

Which one do you like? or do you like them as whole? If you like give make up a title or a story. As always Happy Monday.

Lens and Pens Suggests:4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel). (Animals and Objects are themes.) File my photos under architecture and portraiture or street photography?

All Shot with iPhone 4s on native camera edited.

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Phoneography: A Succulent Start To December

. 1. Succulent in the sun shine.

. 1.Flame succulent.

2. Star and stone

2. Star and stones.

3.Teddybear succulent.

3.Teddybear succulent.

4. Sticky Succulent with spider webs, I didn't even see them till I looked at the photo.

4. Sticky Succulent with spider webs, I didn’t even see them till I looked at the photo.

I don’t really know any of the names of these beauties, because a friend passed these on to me, and she got them from a friend. That’s how my mother and her mother gardened. I love those kind of neighborly traditions. Sure beats the new tradition of shopping on Thanksgiving.

Photo Notes: Singing “On the First Day of December…” while snapping pictures with my iPhone 4s yesterday. Edited with Phototoaster. Do you have a favorite?

For Lens and Pens Photo Challenge Nature. She has some beautiful photos with wise thoughts on nature in crisis.Worth taking a look. Happy Monday.

Phoneography Challenge: The Natural World of Butterflies Caterpillar and Milkweed

but no butterflies 

IMG_0449 - Version 2

I found this caterpillar on a passion plant at our local nursery.



The monarch was flitting around my garden but not landing so I captured the milkweed fireworks. This is the plant from last April’s post. milkwood 3

milkweed 2

Milkweed taken with iPhone 4s and edited with photo toaster. Caterpillar taken with same phone but disappeared from the camera roll.

Ever since I updated to IOS7 some photos for no apparent reason are black on my phone but look just fine on my computer, thank goodness.  Anyone else  having that problem?

Phoneography Challenge Nature

Phoneography: Macro Image of My Favorite Hair Clip

Abalone dreamscape

Abalone dreamscape.

I have always seen a landscape with people among the swirls of color in my abalone hair clip. I took the challenge of macro photography to get close enough to examine its wonder.

Think of this as a new version of Cloud Caption Monday I use to do. What Images do You see?

Editing notes I stabilized my iPhone 4s on a stand so I could move in close then I held the clip between to fingers and taped the screen to get this photo.

the stand

the stand

I cropped a very tiny bit  to  remove background distraction and that is all the editing I did.

For Lens and Pens Challenge Phone as macro lens.

Phoneography: Nature Out of Africa

African Cannna

African Canna iPhone 4s August 2013

I was startled last summer by rare beauty of our next door neighbors spotted yellow and red canna. When I admired them they told me how they had brought them back from a trip to their home land of Sudan. The bulbs had to stay in quarantine for a number of months before being allowed in to the US but they are worth it to bring the beauty of the nature of the land they grew up with. I’m pleased that the flowers are thriving as well as our neighbors.

Lens and Pens theme this week is the Exhilaration of Nature.

My New Nest



For those of you who view Light Words on line you might notice a new look. The back ground is my favorite lemon tree and the header is the white spider from Sunday’s post. I found out it is a crab spider. According to naturalist friend it will change color depending on what flower it is on, yellow or blue, etc. I have seen yellow ones.

Today’s photo was a iPhone photo of a nest in a wash pan that I sent through a few apps. One seems to be an art shot the other a story or a the seed of one. How did a nest get in a pot on a deck. I really don’t know… please tell us.  What does a nest or empty nest mean to you?

News in was tub

Nest in wash tub, those are my toes.