Maya Angelou 1928-2014
photoToday and yesterday, as I read about the phenomenal life of Dr. Angelou it was easy to compare my life with hers and come up wanting. I suspected she would not be pleased with me for that behavior. Thank goodness my search for a quote for Nurturing Thursday led me to this beautiful image with the words I needed to hear. I hope they have meaning for you as well.  Feel free to grab it up if you feel so moved.

Ruthie Foster Singing The Words To Dr. Angelou Poem Phenomenal Woman

Here is a link to the Terry Gross interview with her as well as biographical information.

Maya Angelou Will Be Missed But Not Soon forgotten.

For another reminder to like yourself visit Becca Givens at

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10 thoughts

      1. Great idea, Carol ~ I’m thinking of filling an art sketchbook with beautiful quotes, illustrating them myself, then posting the photographs. Of course, that may take some time! 🙂


  1. What a wonderful quote…I need to keep that in mind, that’s for sure! She was such a remarkable woman and offered us, so many deeply insightful and encouraging thoughts…a true treasure.


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