Ralph wit the magic mouth
Ralph with the magic mouth! A party in my kitchen!

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for split second story. It probably referred to street photography but it was a challenge for me to capture the crystal lit mouth of my friend whose beautiful tenor voice was my filling kitchen.  I had been watching him sing for a while, as the rainbow danced across his face, until I couldn’t help myself and took out my phone and snapped a few shots. This was the first and best split second photo. It is though the crowd on refrigerator door is enjoying it too. Maybe the dancer behind his right ear is whispering the music to him, or at least dancing along. What story do you see?

A metaphor of beautiful music, a song without words, a story without words!

5 thoughts

  1. a beautiful slice of your life. The colour, the intensity, the being lost in the moment with the foundation, in the background, of moments. I just love this for so many reasons


    1. My husband is going around showing this pic off to people which doesn’t usually happen. Lets me know how important and fun it is capture those spontaneous and split second moments. Happy travels 😀


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