What is it?

Today’s Daily Post asked What’s the oldest thing you own? And this is mine. Figured it out yet? Neal I know you know.
Hint: My mom collected rocks and fossils and most anything you can pick from the earth. We even went out meteorite hunting some Sunday afternoons. Seems the windblown parries of Northern Oklahoma and Kansas are good places to find celestial objects, as well as, critters from ancient sea beds.
Answer This is a trilobite probably from Early Cambrian period (521 million years ago) That’s old!!!

Wonderer’s What’s the Oldest thing you own?

8 thoughts

  1. Aren’t trilobites fascinating? I was thinking that the oldest thing I own is probably in my shoe cupboard. Just kidding – probably a fossil. Trilobites go way back.


  2. Boy does that bring back memories!! I’m sure I’ve seen that a few times. I have several big pieces of petrified wood. Not sure how old it is but got it in Colorado when I was a kid. So . . . . guess that makes it really old. lol
    Went rock hunting with you all several times when we were young. (I guess that would be the “olden days”.) As I said, good memories!



    1. You make it sound like we road around in horse and buggies! We just used leaded gas in cars with lot of horse power.
      You still could go out around lake Ponca and dig for fossils…
      I dare you!


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