I think I’m taking care of garden, watering weeding, inspecting for aphid. The Tomatoes will, grow, the beans came up on their own. Who’s really is being nurtured is me. I was gloomy as the foggy morning before I set foot among the veggies. As you can see I cheered up. I feel like a fisherman(woman) showing off a big catch with a giant bean instead of a fish.
You don’t even have to eat your veggies to be nurtured by them.

I hope you have a nurturing place in your life.

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10 thoughts

  1. Now that is some bean! And I see you are nurturing your cat, or is the cat nurturing the garden? That artichoke looks really grand… what a great shot. Happy Nurturing Thursday!


    1. Those beans hide out among the leaves to keep from being picked. Something to learn there perhaps. Miss Kitty is only interested in humming birds. She’s a dreamer.
      Happy Thursday 😀


  2. OMG, fisherwoman/veggiewoman indeed — that green bean is probably the largest I’ve seen — what a delightful discovery. Communing with nature, especially your own bounty, is quite grounding. Glad the fog lifted! Sweet dreams for this night coming.


  3. I love your veggies, Carol, they’re bountiful enough to brighten the cloudiest day! I agree with you that the gardener is nurtured through the nurturing ~ my post this week was along the same lines. Your cat’s cute too, thanks for sharing. 🙂


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