Admiring the swimmer
1-Admiring the bathing beauty. Photo toaster.

Sunday I visited an outdoor chalk painting exhibit in San Rafael Ca. The Challenge for the photographer was: how to make art out of other folks making art, out of mostly 1949’s poster art. I noticed the shadow of my hat and another woman’s hat and got her stand with me to capture this rather voyeuristic image. Which images do you like?

At the Movies
2-At the Movies Photo toaster again
3 Oh My Stars! Edited with percolator,
3 Oh My Stars! Edited with percolator,
4-Aquacade  scanned in Scan Pro

These four photos are for Editing and Processing with Apps Challenge from Monday’s Lens and Pens. The next two are to give you an Idea of the scope of the show.

The whole  chalk painting
The whole chalk painting

Here I handed my phone to a tall guy to take this picture so I could have an image of the whole image for you to see. Thanks tall guy.

Another look at 40's woman
4-Another look at 40’s woman and a hard-working modern artist.

So many images, so little time! It was very hot on the asphalt so I give a lot of credit to the artist sitting in the sun doing work that is already gone.

Happy Monday!

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16 thoughts

  1. I adore these sorts of street scenes, and the post-processing adds other layers of interest. Hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll tap the first and the third. You must have had so much fun. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. and I didn’t even want to go because we had been out in the country all weekend and I wasn’t ready for town yet, glad I did now.
      thanks for the votes It was fun!
      Happy Monday


  2. Great photos, Carol. I really like #2-At the Movies, it is just like being at the movies!

    I am sorry that I missed the festival this year. We always try to attend and see the talent on display.


    1. Allen I was hoping someone would notice that movie reference. Glad you did.
      It’s such a nice little event. So many things around the Bay are so hard to get to I really enjoyed my first visit.


  3. What a great outing and I love your interpretation of the image. I think I must be in a B&W appreciation mood today because that’s the one that really catches my eye the stars are intriguing as well.


  4. Really like these treatments – they add such interest to something that is already pretty cool in it’s own right. I like the stars but #4 is cool too – the people shadows at the bottom really “belong” to the shot.


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