Supportive wings

As you may have noticed the Hummingbird has returned as the Header for the Summer. I just learned from “Smarter Everyday”, that there really is more wind beneath the wings of Humming birds so my question to you is:

Who or What is the Wind Beneath Your Wings?

Enjoy the Video About Hummers

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Happy Thursday

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14 thoughts

  1. Lovely… must add that I (living in Europe) could watch a hummingbird only once, on a botanical excursion to the Appalachian Mountains and Florida, in my student times. It is a treasured memory.
    Taking flight myself, being carried away on big wings. happened in a flash as an inside experience, after difficult situation I had to master. It felt very real.
    Happy Nurturing Thursday!


  2. I love hummingbirds! They are such beautiful birds!
    Did you know they’re considered, by some, to represent “the greater journey.” …maybe the wind beneath our wings? Seeing hummingbirds is a reminder to me of that sense of meaning and purpose of “the greater journey” ….part of the wind beneath my own wings.
    I have a colored crystal hummingbird hanging in a sunny window, to remind and inspire myself about the “greater journey.” There’s also a hummingbird who comes each day to the bougainvillea outside our living room window…a real treat for us to see!


    1. See the other comments from ladies who are far from Humming birds. We who have them chasing us around our gardens should really appreciate the. Have You been to the Hummingbird house at the San Diego Zoo? Incredible collection of tiny flits of color who journey very far…treats indeed!
      Happy Thursday


    1. Awww! My Hubby sure has been supporting me while I got my new hip…
      I’m not sure i’ve ever seen a stork outside a zoo…Egrets and herons yes…no storks I imagine walking flexible like a stork as I exercise my new hip Thanks for the images last week 😀


  3. I think I have mentioned the hummingbirds at my brother-in-laws place in Yale. They have 3 feeders on their porch and there are just dozens and dozens of hummingbirds there all the time. We can watch them thru their picture window. So interesting to watch them. We can also go out on the porch and sit close to the feeders. They will fly off for a couple of minutes andthen return to the feeders. We are only a few feet from all of them. Just love doing that.



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