A Dovecot
A Dove Cot

Above a Transylvanian gate

The Whole gate
The Whole gate

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for a relic. Here is a gate from a UU Church in Transylvania that now stands in California at The Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley.
Really, Have you ever seen a dove cot?
I had only heard of them as places to hide in fairy tales!
Happy Weekend

23 thoughts

  1. Knowing those dove cotes,usually placed on a pole, I always wondered as a child how Aschenputtel (Cinderella) could hide in it – climbing that high? Now I know It must have been a bigger one, made of stone like those the Romans built to cultivate the doves, called ‘columbarium’.


    1. Oh thanks for the name…Little ash girl…I never could imagine it either. It would be fun to tell that old version in front of this. Didn’t she run away and hide in a dove cot. An weren’t the glass slippers originally fur?
      Fun!!! 🙂


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