Backyard Cat Update

Where’s My Backpack had the prompt “Endearing” so I’m using this as chance to update the story of Daffodil-Archie-Sardine. She is the kitty that showed up in my backyard in the Spring and took over the space and our hearts. She so wanted to come in and live with us however I’m too allergic for that to ever happen 😦  I put out water and a few treats but she had a collar so I knew she had a home. I found her owner through the neighborhood Email tree and discovered they were looking for a home for her because she was being abused by her brother. Oh and that they called her Sardine. Last week they called and said a new home had been found and she would be called Sushi.
I barely had time to miss her sweet face at my back door when Turk showed up. This gals very shy, thinks she’s camouflaged herself next to the planter but we know she’s there. And of course she has quickly worked her way into our hearts and is ever so endearing

At the back door
Sweet face at the back door

Two reasons for the name Turk. One-I use to have a cat named Turk who looks just like her. Two-She shares the yard with the local feral, not so endearing, turkeys. See my last weeks Phoneograph post for more turkeys.

3 thoughts

  1. I have always enjoyed having a pet. Seems like I have had a pet all my life. But, I do get really attached to them. This past week we had to have our 16 year old Cheeewahwah put down and it was really hard for us. I think I’ll go petless for a long time now. Pets are a lot of company though. Never can tell what I’ll do. ?? lol



    1. I remember when we had to say good by to Skippy your little Boston terrier. That was so sad. And Peppy of course who dissapeared 😦 Putting them down is so painful. I am so sorry for your loss. It still hurts to think about saying good-by to Patches our Aussie 5 years ago.
      It is different with this Kitty I know she living and is happy…
      We think about another pet but we haven’t made any effort to get one yet. We have visiting students cats and turkeys to keep us company for now 🙂


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