Phoneography: Time of Ripening for Sunflowers and Moon

Sunflower seeds almost

1-Sunflower seeds almost





4 Sunflower

4 Sunflower

Supper Full Moon in a Rabbit

Super Full Moon in a Rabbit

All Summer long absorbing sun flowers
Grow strong from seed to seed,
Ripe full moon waits Her turn
behind mist and fog,
Which Summer’s delights
Will you carry with you from light
into the dark?

This is Lens and Pens macro photography challenge but I suspect this is as close to the moon I will get so please indulge me for including the one shot I’m happy to have captured of last nights Super Full Moon before she was engulfed in clouds.

Which Photo do you prefer?

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15 thoughts on “Phoneography: Time of Ripening for Sunflowers and Moon

    • Glad you like the sunflower mandala. This one surprised me. I didn’t do any editing but use the Apple editing for it. You might take a peak at my previous post for the texture challenge for undefinable objects.
      Happy Monday.


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  2. Hallo Carol…all your sunflowers photos are beautifull :-).And congratulation for catching big full moon into the sky..We tried to catch full moon in our photo too…but in our sky looked rather small …but shined brightly and sleeping was impossible :-))


    • Glad to HEAR about the orange moon, we couldn’t SEE it rise because of fog…
      Thanks for the vote for three. It really helps to get feed back…I think of Lens and Pens as a master class in Photography don’t you?


  3. Thanks for visiting my post about lime green Kermit.
    I have an affection for black and whites – So 3- sunflower is on top for me.
    But I also like the moon in the bunny clouds. 🙂

    Cheers, Jules


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