I’m forever fascinated
by how the brightest flowers
attract the most bees.

This is a Lemon Queen Sunflower that the native bees need to survives.


What wonders of nature do you need to survive?

Becca Givens wonders if you might Fly go visit her.

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9 thoughts

  1. Often we don’t realize what we need to survive until there is not enough of it. Just like the bees and butterflies that are losing habitat, the world has changed around us, and restoring what we need takes some work! It’s all too easy for people in today’s world to make do and get by, without even noticing what has been lost.


  2. Love it, Carol! I recently signed an on~line petition! demanding that our Prime Minister refuse to allow Bayer permission to use bee~murdering insecticides in the UK. Then a whole bunch of protesters, dressed as bees, marched on Parliament to hand the petition in ~ and we won! Permission has been refused for a year ~ and we’ll do it all again next time it comes up. It restores my faith in humanity! 🙂


    1. Good Going UK !!The petro Chemical companies have to big a foothold in the US for that to happen anytime soon…But I say never say never 🙂
      Thanks of for the heart warming news!


  3. Bees are in short supply everywhere I think. Don’t see them around here like we used too. So many of them when we were kids. Sad!!



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