Golden Gate from Albany Beach
Golden Gate from Albany Beach


Crow Tree
Crow Tree

Weekly Photo Challenge Silhouette

Do You have a favorite? Let me know.

Does anyone like the new posting format? I certainly don’t!  Even when I use the left Dashboard to post “classically, when I Preview it goes back to the “new” style.
Not whining, just complaining 😉  Maybe WP will hear me.

Happy Week End


31 thoughts

  1. Nice take on this week’s theme: Silhouettes. I must admit, I’ve never seen the Golden Gate Bridge from that location before. Pretty cool. Nice job on all. 🙂
    Here’s my take on the subject:
    You’re welcome to pop on by and visit. 🙂


      1. Thanks for the photograph. I know I’ve been across the bridge at least once, and possibly one or two other times. I used to live in Sacramento way back in the dark ages. I had a good friend who lived in Vallejo. Was the pic taken around Albany? It looks about that angle.


  2. yeah sumpin to crow boput bee boop de boop geez. what a hoot 🙂 lol. oh well. i finding ways to werk round da new editor not the same as the pagebuilder format huh… kinna sucky if ya ask me ,,, werdpress fer dummies. be boop de boop lol. Q jest my 2 centz werth yep yep 🙂


  3. Beautiful shot of the Golden Gate!! It would tie with the crow’s as being my favorite. The first one though sure makes me want to make a trip out west too see that bridge. Amazing I think.



  4. Fantastic photos. Lovely colors. My fav is the first one simply coz its got so much aspects to it. Not sure the individual in the baseball cap is doing what on the beach, which makes it mysterious. Moreover two of them have sticks and not sure, if they are young or old or with fishing rods. Third one is sitting on the beach, may be exploring something. And all this set against the marvelous sun and the Golden Gate bridge. Excellent and intriguing picture.

    Thanks for sharing. Do visit my silhouette as well 🙂


  5. I love the 2nd pic, the one without caption…it’s kinda eerie 😮
    and i agree abt the new posts…i like the one I’m used to 😉


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