Not The Usual Views of Point Reyes

Cyprus Trees
1-Cyprus Trees Tule elk Preserve
Wind Swept tree
2-Wind-swept tree
Abandon Ship
3-Abandon Ship Tamales Bay
Tamales Bay
4-Abandon Ship Tamales
Spirit Matters with Chickens
5-Spirit Matters with Chickens

Pt. Rayes is in an other world all it’s own. It is on an other continent. Well another continental plate the Pacifica Plate same as Hawaii or Japan. The Earth Quack of 1908 was centered at what is now the Visitors center.

Earthquake epicenter
Earthquake epicenter

imagesWhich Photo Do you prefer?

Lens and Pens

I realize this post also qualifies for Weekly Photo Challenge so I’m double dipping today.

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19 thoughts

  1. What a lovely spot to capture images that sparkle in monochrome. I like the contrast and tones of all your images. They evoke quiet and serenity (except for the roosters’ calls). Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. The first and second photo are my favorite. Trees are a really “good subject”. They are all different in some way. Good work Carol. Used to take pictures of trees myself back in the olden days. lol



    1. So happy you liked my well lit chickens 🙂 I just took that picture so I could copy how those flags where made. I may end up with two-for-one art.
      Thanks For the comment and complement…


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