Alvarado Park
Alvarado Park


Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge
Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge over I-80

How fast did Summer speed by?
What will you carry with you as you speed into fall?
Hope it is fond memories of lazy days.

Weekly Photo Challenge Dialog


12 thoughts

  1. Hmmm, I’m hoping to carry the mellow attitude I’ve gained by doing absolutely nothing work related for the entire summer. I’ll probably need to go back to that thought in November 🙂 Hope YOU had a great summer, Carol.


  2. I believe that even though it’s “officially” the end of summer, since I haven’t been in school for years and years, my summer will continue at least until summer ends officially on the calendar (Sept 22) and later if weather permits. 🙂 But I’ve noticed some leaves have already fallen, so I know fall is lurking around the corner, waiting for its chance.



  3. Well, it’s sure isn’t the end of summer here. Had such nice weather all summer and now it’s really hot. Near 100 today and supposed to be hot for another week or so. Sure can’t complain about our Oklahoma summer this year. It was really pleasant. And yes, it did whiz by!! Dad and Grand Pa were right. When you get older time really does go faster. Needless to say, I’m old. lol
    It went so fast I can’t even remember any lazy days. Am looking forward to fall though.



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