This week I’ve had fun looking at a number of challenges that’d asked for Dialogs or visual poems like Wordless Haiku made of photos. I worked backwards here. Use this image or your own image as a jumping off point for a conversation and see where it takes you.

 Post a comment on Light Words with a link to your post so others can enjoy it and while you’re there go see what the other Wednesday Wonders are up to. If you don’t have a Blog you can write directly into the comment section. It can handle about 100 words or email me.

 Grab the Badge

photo 2


Hey Friends I’m truing Wonder Wednesday again
I WOMDER how it works for you?

4 thoughts

      1. Hi Carol,
        She will go back down to school in a couple of weeks–her term starts on the 22nd. It has been a joy having her home for a bit, and a temporary reprieve from an Empty Nest. We are making the most of every minute (which is why I am having a hard time catching up with my blogging.)
        Warm wishes,


        1. No one told us when they where born about empty nest, There should have been a warning label. Hey wait they come back and live with you or next door then what 😉
          I be looking at your blog as I catch up too.


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