Stuck in traffic?
Think of it as following your bliss!  

 Joy is right up there with Heart’s Desire
listen to Luciana Williams she has some down and dirty ideas for what to do when some one takes your joy.


Nurturing Thursday is the brainchild of Becca Givens

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If any readers are interested in joining the nurturing, you are welcomed to do so … the more the merrier!!

12 thoughts

  1. If I get stuck in traffic (which doesn’t happen very often on this small island, where more than five cars at the lights is considered gridlock!) I use the break to look around and see things I hadn’t noticed before. It would be even more enjoyable with some raunchy music like this to sing along to! Thanks for a great ‘nurturing’ post, Carol! 🙂


    1. Shouldn’t admit it but I took this picture stuck in traffic.
      I can just see you rockin’ along turning your whole island into a dance hall! Let me know when it happens 😀
      Happy Thursday


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