Two Modes of Transportation On The Bay

Pushing off
1-Pushing off from Albany Beach
Paddling on the bay
2-Lonely paddle on the Bay
Blue angels and Bay Bridge
3-Blue Angels over the Bay Bridge
Blue Angels over the Bay
4-Watching the Blue Angels over the Bay

October is the best weather, with lots of warm sun around San Francisco Bay. That means many of us are out in or near the water but there is so much glare colors are washed out, and often we in the East Bay are facing directly in to the sun; making it hard to get a good photo. Turning the images into black and white creates drama and tells more interesting stories.

Which story speaks to you?

Sorry I’m so late today but life happens. Happy Monday Challenge one and all!

I’m part of Lens and Pens Monday Challenge

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16 thoughts

  1. I especially like the second photo with the lines from the jets, and the fingers of the sun’s rays. I was in the City to watch the Angels on Sunday, but used my regular camera. It was a hot and sunny day!


    1. It was a glorious day! You must have some great shots with a real camera. We were so far away only a gal with a giant lens was getting any photo’s of the planes.
      I didn’t know I had sun rays until I used the B&W filter, it seems like a magic trick.
      Happy Shooting 😉


  2. I am drawn to the second image, which has a solitary ambience, even as the Golden Gate whispers in the background. The silhouette of the two in the boat is placed against lighter contrasts and textures of the Bay. It’s tranquilizing. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. That tranquilizing photo took a lot of work. First taking it, I had one chance to get them in front of the bridge. Then I edited through about 4 filter 2 in the phone and 2 on an app. It is worth it when what I see in my mind come out on the page. I am so very please you could see it!
      Thanks for the Challenge.


  3. As you know, I am partial to B&W pictures. There is just something about them that I like. I think they get my imagination working. lol
    Great pictures Carol.



  4. They are all good shots – I am partial to the first one with the light backlighting the dog’s tail and hitting the wave tops.


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