People of Carnival for Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge

Irony of Carnival

Not form thrift town

1-Dancers/Not form thrift town

For those who don’t know Thrift Town is a  Mission District Landmark. It’s store that sells  just about every thing used.

Thrift Town Queen

2-Thrift Town Queen

Out of hundreds of photos and thousands of revelers at the parade how to I capture the the feeling of the Carnival Parade? How do I even get a well composed image?

3- Greeting Neptine

3- Greeting Neptune a walking puppet

The Officer seemed to be permanently stationed in front of where we sat so including him made made for interesting visual story. Sally’s Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge focused on shadows today. We haven’t seen the sun for days now so sorry now shadows.

3-My Daughter in profile

4- Must include My Daughter in profile the whole reason we where there

Many of you have asked to see my students work here are 2 collages   of their work!  Made with Grid app.

Grid 1

Grid 1

Grid 2

Grid 2

Love to hear what you think

Happy Monday


WPC:The Heart of a Redwood for Valentines Day

All that is left of a redwood tree is the heart

All that is left of a redwood tree is the heart

This for both Travel Theme Transformation and Valentines Day in the Redwood forest  you find growth and decay the trees transforming into soil to nurture those that come after them. A primitive sign of love and sacrifice. All that was left of a once mighty tree is a stump with a heart-shaped hole in the center. Make of it what you will but above all I hope your Valentines Day was a happy one.

Oh and what is more Symmetrical then a heart Daily Post?


Day 5 Of 5 Day Black and White Challenge


It’s All About The Light

I had never noticed this shell on the neighbors porch until I passed by as the sun hit it just so to make it glow. It may look like a static image but only a few minutes later the glow was gone. I am glad I was ready with my smart phone in my pocket. I suppose that’s what it means to be a photographer: Be Aware of The Images Around and Ready to Shoot any time.

So many images, so few days.Reflecting on this last day of the 5 Day Black and White Challenge I have come to realize how very much I like monochrome photography, and how many B&W images I have in my archives. The real challenge has been to choose which to share.

Here’s my images from the 5 Day Black and White Challenge. I tried to offer something from a variety of styles. Love to hear what you think of this mini portfolio.

Day 1

Center Street Berkely

Center Street Berkeley

Day 2

One or Two Dogs?

Coming and going dog

Day 3

Black and White Lemon

Black and White Lemon

Day 4

Kite Surfer

Kite Surfer


Rules for 5 Black and White Challenge

  1. For 5 days create a post any past or present photo in black and white.
  2. Each day you invite a new photographer to join the fun.

 Since it is day five I invite anyone who wants to take up the Challenge There are so many great photographers I don’t want to leave any one out. I’d love to see who takes up the this challenge, So please post me a link to what your up to.
Today I am tapping Terri Webster a local NorCal windsurfer and photographer, just because 🙂

I also, am mentioning my friend Joss of Crowing Crone. She is touring Equator right now so I doubt she will have time for the challenge but her images and her philosophy of life is worth viewing!


Four Girls Four Nationalities

Four Girl,s Four Nationalities: American, Taiwanese, Turkish, Japanese

Almost any street photo in San Francisco would be a study in diversity. This just happens to be my daughter (on the left) with students from the language school where she works. Our next-door neighbor counted 21 countries represented at the Thanksgiving they hosted.

Moss, Lichen, Fern and Grass Berkely Native Plant Garden

Moss, Lichen, Fern and Grass Berkeley Native Plant Garden

Everything and everyone mix together in the Bay Area. Any chance we get to share our different cultures is a chance to make a more peaceful world.

I am happy to share these photos for Lost In Translations’s Thursday Special Diversity.