Quilt and rainbow
1-Rainbow on quilt iPhone 5s

To everyone who has to hole up during bad weather try this:
While cozy under a warm quilt, reading a crochet themed “who done it” on the phone, rainbows from the crystal in the kitchen window danced across the quilt. What else can you do but click over to my camera function and take a picture? Then have fun editing it.

Rainbow on quilt
2-Rainbow on quilt color saturation edited in native camera with a phototaster frame
3- more toasting

For more about iPhone photography go see Lens and pens

Fuzzy geranium close up
4-Fuzzy geranium close up

I took this a while back and never found a home for it. Hope you enjoy my collection today.

Happy Monday Challenge.

Which photo do you prefer?





13 thoughts

  1. Really like number three. Good effect.
    Now for an update on our Oklahoma weather. 79 degrees yesterday, and 34 degrees this morning. Brrrr!!



    1. 40 degree drop that’s what the news said! and you felt it. Probably will get colder soon. Do you watch Deadliest Catch those Alaskan crab fishermen are in the center of the storm right now!!!
      High here 65 😀


  2. I like macro photos very much…and number three is the best for me. It looks like happy abstract piano…good autumn Carol…Marie comes to visit you soon :-))


    1. Piano keys! Delightful name for the photo!
      We ARE looking forward to Marie coming. 😍
      I’ll make sure she contacts you as soon as she gets here. In fact have here give you all my contact info before she leaves.


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