Weekly Photo Challenge: A Convergence of Light and Hope

A Hopeful sign

A Hopeful sign

Not only is this a convergence of lines but also a special moment for me. I was at the grocery store and noticed how lovely the light was all around me and I just began to take pictures when the rainbow appeared.  A rare moment indeed because we have had little rain, perhaps this is a promise of more to come..

What are you hoping for as we enter the busy season of gifts and gratitude?

Weekly Photo Challenge Converge

Along the way, they also force the concrete and the abstract to converge: objects and landscapes are still themselves, yet already a little more (and a little less) than what I’d initially seen in them. Wise words from WordPress.

Phoneography: Macro Challenge Rainbows and More

Quilt and rainbow

1-Rainbow on quilt iPhone 5s

To everyone who has to hole up during bad weather try this:
While cozy under a warm quilt, reading a crochet themed “who done it” on the phone, rainbows from the crystal in the kitchen window danced across the quilt. What else can you do but click over to my camera function and take a picture? Then have fun editing it.

Rainbow on quilt

2-Rainbow on quilt color saturation edited in native camera with a phototaster frame


3- more toasting

For more about iPhone photography go see Lens and pens

Fuzzy geranium close up

4-Fuzzy geranium close up

I took this a while back and never found a home for it. Hope you enjoy my collection today.

Happy Monday Challenge.

Which photo do you prefer?