Center Street Berkely
Center Street parking garage Berkeley

I was trying to orient myself to ordinary reality after traveling The Pacific Crest Trail with Reese Witherspoon in the movie Wild so I decided to take a few shots of wet Berkeley streets. The emotion of these two unrelated people seemed to capture a mood not unlike Sheryl, from the move,, headlong rush toward… well you have to see it, Now I have to read it. Have you seen it?

I have been following  AngelineM’s Blog this week as she posted Black and White images  of San Francisco streets for the last 5 days so I decided to play. The way it works is I pst my own B&W and tap someones to join each day and they do the same. A harmless but creative pyramid scheme.  For my first tap I offer Janet at Sustainability



7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the pingback and shout out. I’m so glad you decided to jump in and participate. My five days of black and white were eye openers to myself, and what the difference of B&W does to a photo.


  2. Grew up with black and white. Loved developing the negatives and then printing my own pictures. Love the picture you have here.



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