5 Day Black and White Challenge Day 1

Center Street Berkely

Center Street parking garage Berkeley

I was trying to orient myself to ordinary reality after traveling The Pacific Crest Trail with Reese Witherspoon in the movie Wild so I decided to take a few shots of wet Berkeley streets. The emotion of these two unrelated people seemed to capture a mood not unlike Sheryl, from the move,, headlong rush toward… well you have to see it, Now I have to read it. Have you seen it?

I have been following  AngelineM’s Blog this week as she posted Black and White images  of San Francisco streets for the last 5 days so I decided to play. The way it works is I pst my own B&W and tap someones to join each day and they do the same. A harmless but creative pyramid scheme.  For my first tap I offer Janet at Sustainability



Phoneography: Black and White Street Photography Summer Love

The watcher

The Watcher

Nothing says Summertime better than a street party and hull-a-hoops. Unfortunately on my block it was a grey foggy day in the middle July, typical Bay Area weather. Might as well make the photo B&W, yes? Just like a summer romance Black and White Photography was many photographers first love. I know it was mine.

I’m posting this  as part of Phoneography black and white street photography challenge. I shot this with the iPhone camera then edited it with Photo Toaster to put the focus on the hull-a-hoop girls face. In color it’s a bright picture of the street party but in B&W I think there is a story, maybe even a mystery. I wonder if the HH girl is  just concentrating really hard or is she being a little…”look at me I’m big enough to do this and your not”..or…what do you think. I can never stop being a teacher can I? Maybe she’s Learning 2 hull-a-hoop.

Okay here’s the color version for comparison:

The watchers

The watchers

NaPoWriMo A Pray for All of Us


We Watch On a Loop

The runner keeps falling and falling

even before the smoke appears.

We all are in free-fall

Earth please catch us

Air become clear

Water wash away our tears

Fire we must learn

to respect your power.

Ancestors may we keep listening:

Today the planet is the only proper “in group.”
Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows,
but we can choose to live in joy.
Joseph Campbell
I pray we always remember Streets are made for dancing!
Carol Carlisle

Wonder Wednesday: Zooming In!

I had fun with street photography Saturday at the farmer’s market and Gordo’s Taco shop.  There is no zooming in with an iPhone, you have to take a wide scene and then go home and edit  and crop.

I really wanted to take a picture of the little girl peddling her pink bike around the farmer’s market, but I knew no parent would like a stranger takeing their child’s picture, so I took photos of the orchid and took my chances that I would get an interesting picture and honor the child’s privacy.  Same at the restaurant. I was intrigued with how the gentleman with the hat that mirrored the mural. I pretended to photograph the mural but I got caught by the little girl giving me the stink eye in the foreground. I didn’t even notice her until I began to edit.

Same can be said for writing: throw down on to the page everything you might want to say and then go back and edit, crop frame or zoom in on what tells the best story. The story you started out to tell on paper or in pictures might not even be the one you end up with!  Let yourself be surprised. A second set of  eyes might be useful too. Which pictures do you prefer out of this batch?

To see a slide show click on any picture the arrows on the right.

Sunday Post: People With Stylish Hats

Who among you has a Stylish Hat or 2?

Jake’s theme for the Sunday Post was People, and I couldn’t resit sharing this candid from the Solono Stroll. The Lady getting dog kisses is a well known, sprightly octogenarian, who is much photographed. Yes I know it’s Monday, but hey, I’m from laid-back and stylish California. 😉

In other news note my Post A Day Badge.  Isn’t it Stylish?.  If you haven’t noticed I have been doing a post a day since Jan. 1 but it was only yesterday that I finally figured out how to “grab” the badge with a lot of help of my friend.  It’s about time with less then 100 day left in the year. Thank you Lonnie. As always thanks Jakesprinters.