Memories of Duck and Cover

Looming Mushroom Cloud
Mushroom cloud
Mushroom cloud

Photos can inspire, entertain, tell stories and evoke memories. Saturday our sky was filled with dramatic cloud formations in 360 panoramas as if we were aiming in a big bowl of cloud soup. It was more like a tropical sky than a Winter Bay sky in winter.  Pulling into the parking lot at grocery store my husband ask me to be sure in get the Mushroom cloud over the Berkeley Hills.That led to a discussion of what it was like to grow up under the threat of nuclear inflation.How my mom would get me up early and sit me in front of the TV with my Post Toasties to watch an Atomic Bomb test.   Then later in October 1962  in Northern Oklahoma hearing the Jets fly over going from Nebraska to Florida during the Cuban missile Crisis.

Any one else have memories of the Atomic era?

Let me know what you think.


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17 thoughts

  1. Wow! I am wondering what Cloud Soup would taste like . . . meringues? marshmallow puffs in blueberry bisque?
    Regarding the mushroom cloud, does “duck and cover” bring anyone any memories?


    1. You must be younger then me. We had to learn to huddle under our desks in case of an A-bomb or tornado. Certainly not a good memory.
      The Clouds might be dumplings flavored…Murange would be good too 🙂


  2. As soon as I read “mushroom clouds”, atomic bombs came immediately to mind. I remember bomb drills in grade school, although I wonder if any of it would have done any good. I’ve always said that if a nuclear bomb hits my area, I want to be in the bull’s-eye and instantly vaporized. Then the next place I’ll see will be heaven and I’m completely good with that!!

    Clouds in photography? Almost no way you can’t keep taking pictures of them!



    1. Even when I was in third grade I thought duck and cover is silly and useless, when the Big One comes we’ll all be toast!
      Clouds are irresistible when you have a picture capturing devise in your hands. 😀


  3. I don’t have memories of the Cuban crisis, but cold war and detente are very real to me. And the mushroom cloud… we had to face the long term effects of the Maralinga tests and the French testing in the Pacific at Muroroa atoll. Australia still does not (and probably will never have) any nuclear power due to these events and the unpopularity of them with the general public. A few years back when to Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, and the Nuclear age memories came flooding back. Funny to think you guys did Nuclear ‘duck and cover’ drill… Although the guys at Maralinga were told to put on sunglasses and turn their backs to the mushroom cloud! Thanks for the reminder down memory lane.


    1. Thank you for the first hand history lesson. I hope others read it. I wonder what it would take the US to dis-arm! The talks with US and Iran with Israel in the middle right now are uncomfortable enough.
      Sun glasses and duck and cover won’t help anything funny to think about.
      Let’s hope for peace.


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