Phoneography Sky Story

Memories of Duck and Cover


Looming Mushroom Cloud

Mushroom cloud

Mushroom cloud

Photos can inspire, entertain, tell stories and evoke memories. Saturday our sky was filled with dramatic cloud formations in 360 panoramas as if we were aiming in a big bowl of cloud soup. It was more like a tropical sky than a Winter Bay sky in winter.  Pulling into the parking lot at grocery store my husband ask me to be sure in get the Mushroom cloud over the Berkeley Hills.That led to a discussion of what it was like to grow up under the threat of nuclear inflation.How my mom would get me up early and sit me in front of the TV with my Post Toasties to watch an Atomic Bomb test.   Then later in October 1962  in Northern Oklahoma hearing the Jets fly over going from Nebraska to Florida during the Cuban missile Crisis.

Any one else have memories of the Atomic era?

Let me know what you think.


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Phoneography Black and White Challenge: Wind surfer

Wind surfer

1-Wind surfer sail

Wind surfer, Mount Tam and dogs with family

2-Wind surfer, Mount Tam and dogs with family

Big air

3-Big air

I almost didn’t walk out to water because it was so windy., but glad I did. We don’t usually see wind surfers at our little local beach.What a nice surprise! There was so much glare I couldn’t see my phone’s screen.  In order to capture the guy in the air, my husband would call out “now” when he went up and I would click on faith.I got one with ‘big air’ shot with this tag team technic.

Big air

4-Big air cropped for detail

Today’s Challenge is Black and White. Sure these would be pretty in color but the dramatic clouds tell a different story in B&W. Sally Donatello of Lens and Pens writes: “Black-and-white photography has an uncanny power to recreate reality”.  

Which photo tell the story you prefer?