Maps Don’t Always Know Everything

DetourI took a long time getting here,
much of it wasted on wrong turns,
back roads riddled by ruts.
I had adventures
I never would have known
if I proceeded as the crow flies.
Super highways are so sure
of where they are going:
they arrive too soon.

A straight line isn’t always
the shortest distance
between two people.
Sometimes I act as though
I’m heading somewhere else
while, imperceptibly,
I narrow the gap between you and me.
I’m not sure I’ll ever
know the right way, but I don’t mind
getting lost now and then.
Maps don’t know everything.

~ Ruth Feldman ~
Nurturing Thursday also offers Learning As We Journey today.
More roads to fallow at Cee’s Which Way Challenge
The poem and the prompts all came my way by my inbox this morning.
I hope you find many road signs today as well.
Love to hear about them.
Many Blessings


17 thoughts

          1. Bright autumn day here. Still colourful. Am going out to sort out about setting up a Social Snappers group at our Women’s Centre. Already have a couple of women signed up for it. Mostly using cell phones.


            1. Wow! Good for you now we have an an international coop of photographers or as you call them social snappers. Hope you do photo safeties. We did portraits of each other yesterday.


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