1-Bay View
1-Bay View
2-Bay View
2-Bay View
3-Bay view with Bay Bridge I-80 and Golden Gate Fields
3-Bay view with Bay Bridge I-80 and Golden Gate Fields

I’d Love to hear what you think of today’s Landscapes

19th century painter Albert Bierstadt was known for lavish sweeping landscapes  of an idealized American West on extremely large canvases.

Image-1 As I captured, the probably. final rain of the season offered a wealth of lavish cloudscapes over the San Francisco Bay and I  began to wonder what is equivalent to Bierstadts style and of art today. On a dive to San Francisco Saturday there where 5 scenic billboards the size of semi trailers on the 101 freeway. Looking closer I saw the caption Shot on iPhone 6. I was able to  capture one as we flew by. I couldn’t help adding my own caption. Could these billboards be the Bierstadtys of the 21st century?

Bill Board on 101
iPhone Bill Board on i-101 in SF

Lens and Pens Black and White Challenge

Cee’s Fun Photos Clouds

32 thoughts

  1. Nice photos, Carol. The clouds and foreground in the third photo make it my pick-of-the-week.
    I have heard about these billboards, but have not seen any until now. Thanks for posting it. Ω


              1. Look on Apple’s website under “iPhone”. They have a link to the Galleries. I saw a 5S on there somewhere. Ω


  2. Great landscapes! I especially like the second one, it looks like a painting. I haven’t seen those billboards yet! Maybe we’ll get one more tiny drizzle this week….hoping!


  3. Carol, I was about to say that your photos reminded me of photographers of this era, only to see that you’d taken them for that very reason. So well done. I like the domination of the sky and clouds against the smallness of the land.



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