1-Aloe vera bloom
2-Aloe with Camera+ Ansel filter
3-Aloo Vera and table edge

Last year when this bloomed I didn’t take the time and patience  to capture a decent image of these pencil lead size blossoms. Inspired by Sally’s Macro images of tulip petals I went for it this year.  No matter how close get I still cannot see the spider webs with my naked eye.

To give you an idea of the size I played with the Hipstmatic App Allen introduced us to last week. Now I see why I have so few photos from the time an Instamatic was the only camera I had. It is hard to get an image of what I was shooting for. Getting up close was not  much of an option. Colors are outrageous though!

4-Hipstamatic "close-up"
4-Hipstamatic “close-up”

Can’t wait to see what you did this week. I wonder what you think of my wanderings down the rabbit hole of Macro photography.




12 thoughts

    1. Oh lots of care not overwatering it. In reality I ignore this plant totally and then am surprised by the flower. Yes
      I was thinking botanical illustration on 1 as well. This was hard to get because I didn’t want to pick it.
      Happy Monday.


  1. These are interesting photos. I particularly like the first one and agree with another comment – it does look something from a sci fi movie.

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