Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro Aloe Vera Flower


1-Aloe vera bloom


2-Aloe with Camera+ Ansel filter


3-Aloo Vera and table edge

Last year when this bloomed I didn’t take the time and patience  to capture a decent image of these pencil lead size blossoms. Inspired by Sally’s Macro images of tulip petals I went for it this year.  No matter how close get I still cannot see the spider webs with my naked eye.

To give you an idea of the size I played with the Hipstmatic App Allen introduced us to last week. Now I see why I have so few photos from the time an Instamatic was the only camera I had. It is hard to get an image of what I was shooting for. Getting up close was not  much of an option. Colors are outrageous though!

4-Hipstamatic "close-up"

4-Hipstamatic “close-up”

Can’t wait to see what you did this week. I wonder what you think of my wanderings down the rabbit hole of Macro photography.




WPC Symmetry in Bloom

Agave Tilden Botanical Garden

Agave Tilden Botanical Garden Late November

Same Agave this week

Same Agave this week

Weekly Photo Challenge image of Symmetry is of calm and balance mine is sharp and somewhat aggressive perhaps.   Agave besides being useful for burns is the main ingredient in tequila. Margaritas anyone?