Five Photos Five Stories

Yellow Cat (posing here on the fence) had taken up residents in our back yard. She has appeared in other posts, in flowerbeds while lounging in the sun. Last week I noticed that she was no longer around, since she was only an occasional visitor I didn’t thin too much about her absence, but  I did miss the flashes of yellow among the nasturtiums.  We have had many kitties pass through our yard since we no longer have a dog.

Yesterday; out in the laundry room which is part of the garage, seen here, I heard a plaintive  meow. Looking around I saw no critter but called out “kitty kitty” anyway. Sure enough shy yellow kitty appeared from the behind some paint cans, waited for me to step back and skittered past me like her tail was on fire! I don’t know how long she had been there but by the number of ribs sticking out three-day at least. But there probably our no mice in the garage for now. I put water and a bit of liver sausage out for her. and now she’s back decorating my fence.

Feline vision quest is what we have come to call these periods of missing cats. Back when it rained TaTa kept getting shut up under the house when we had to check the crawl spaces sump pump, back when it rained. That winter was peppered with rain thunder and cat yowls.
Artie had the longest sojourn away from the world when he got lock in the attic after someone after retrieved a suitcase and he went in when no one was looking. We were gone for a week. Being part Siamese she had a lot to say about her time in solitary confinement. We always wonder if he achieved enlightenment, but aren’t cats already highly evolved beings?  

Have your critters been on visions quests?


I want to thank Raewyns Decocrafts and Surfer Girl Terri Webster Scharndt for nominating me to do the 5 Photo 5 Stories  Challenge this is #2 the rose story was #1

Iam suppose to nominate someone else but I think most of you have already done this challenge so let me know if you haven’t and I’ll give you a pingback.

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  1. The only critters we have are outdoor critters such as rabbits, geese, etc., so I have no idea whether they have gone on any vision quests. I do know that rabbits love food quests, which doesn’t bode well for people’s gardens. 🙂



    1. We have squirrels and blue jays that can be pest like that. I have to let my sunflowers get at least 6 inches or the jays will eat the seeds. That’smy enlightenment, learning to live with critters 😀
      Hope you had a good weekend


  2. I’m glad you found her before too many days passed by. A very curious orange tabby adopted us many years ago. He couldn’t resist going in an open door and went missing for weeks several times during the 17 years he lived with us. We called these absences his walk-abouts but I like feline vision quest better!


    1. Walk-about…that’s a good way to talk about missing pets. My childhood dog went missing many times until the last one and he didn’t return. Thanks. Now I can just think about him still on a walk-about!

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