Perfect for Black and White Challenge!

Skunk and Flamingo
Skunk and Flamingo

I had something else for this morning but the hubby woke me with, “Do you want a picture of a skunk?” I change my plans.  I believe the skunk in Bambi was named Flower, right?

2-Flower The Skunk
2-Flower The Skunk
3-skunk just ate the cat's food
3-skunk just ate the cat’s food

If you read yesterday’s post you know I left food out for the cat, that’s the paper in the foreground, here. Probably  why the black and white kitty came so close.

Photography note: I broke one of the iPhone shooting rules “don’t zoom/crop later. I got excited and wanted to see her up close. She came 4 feet from the back door and then I held my breath for more than one reason.

4- On the deck
4- Skunk on deck!

We may live in San Francisco Bay area but we live close to the Nature of Albany Hill.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge asks for Animals so I am double-dipping this post to include a pingback to her site. She has Black and White photo tips today June 4 check her out

To everyone in and around the Ba Area: Thanks you for kind comments the iPhotography Exhibit is a smash around here.

On Behalf of My iPhotography Students and Myself 
You are Cordially Invited to 
A Photography Exhibit Grand Opening of our Work 
Thursday May 21 3:30-7:00 Pm
Albany Senior Center
846 Masonic Ave Albany 94706
Carol Carlisle 

Happy Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White

Thanks for stopping by let me know what you thank.

19 thoughts

  1. The perfect subject for a B&W challenge. Nice photos.

    Thanks for the invite to your exhibit, but we have a schedule conflict at that time on Thursday. Next time???? Ω


    1. Yea I know the conflict the Warriors game 😉 I had to promise to put up the game on the tv there to get hubby to come. Ok I’m joshing . Thanks for the kind response. Ain’t it grand when nature cooperates.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually I am taking my wife in for an out-patient medical procedure today. Will you be posting a review of the event for us? Ω


  2. Skunk on the deck! – Isn’t she wonderful.
    It reminds me of the time I was watching my three cats romp around the back yard in the evening. As I rounded them up to come back into the house for the night, I counted four little beauties – you guessed it, one of them was the neighborhood skunk.

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  3. I love the first and second photos the best, they look rather painterly. Perfect for black and white. I think the animals are coming out of the “wilds” to find water…. Surprise! They don’t know we’re rationing. Won’t be able to make the exhibit. I hope you’ll post some photos of the exhibit and introduce us to the work of your students; that would be a treat.


      1. no = I do not live there any longer – that is why I said I “wish” I could make the show – sorry if it was not clear – anyhow, best wishes and take care


  4. The skunk was named Flower in Bambi. One of my favorite kid movies….except the ending.
    I’m glad you changed your plans and captured the skunk. How fun it must have been. 🙂


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