Left over From Halloween

Sad Pumpkin left over
Sad Jack…A critter ate his face last week.

Fly Eating Plant

Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Plant…the dark green at the bottom is where the insects are dissolved.

Fall Colors…Tributaries Leading to End of Season

Redbud Leaf Hipstamatic Edit
Redbud Leaf Hipstamatic Edit creates fuzzy edges

Left over from Thursday Door Challenge

Let's get out of here
Hospital Doors…Let’s get out of here!

CEE’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is strange, almost creepy, color combination of orange and green. We don’t often see these two secondary colors together. It almost becomes a poisonous, deadly combination in the right or wrong shades, depending on how you look at it. When I was a kid my mom put a lot of green on me because she thought it looked good with my red hair. I shutter to think of all the green dresses.

10 thoughts

  1. Orange and green are good fall colors. Love them this time of year. And another thing . . . where in the world did you find the hospital door with the signs like that? Loved the signs. Did the other side say “Way In”?? lol



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