Ginkgo at Seven Eleven and Paper Moon

Brightest tree around in Nov.
Brightest tree around in the Autumn

Hospital Trees

I liked the light
Where I got my new hip

Church Trees

Soon to be removed
Soon to be removed

Age and disease have taken their toll on these Monterey Pines

Street Trees

Last Day to sit outside
Last Day to sit outside

I used this last image for the Weekly Photo Challenge but it works today for CEO’s Fun Foto Challenge Buildings and Trees The proportions are different form her majestic Pacific Northwest perspective.


9 thoughts

  1. I love trees. I have been really disappointed this year in this part of the country for lack of the usual fall colors. Most of the trees went to brown and fell off. We do have a few that have turned this past week. Most of those are the bradford pears.
    I especially like the first and second picture.



    1. the Gingko are the only trees with color around here this year. We had the same problem with lack of color 😦
      Do you remember my mom trying to grow a gingko in hot Oklahoma because she had a fossil gingko leaf?
      It didn’t last too long poor thing.


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