Odd Ball Challenge 40: Falling Leaves and Rain

Ginko Tree

Ginkgo Tree

I really wanted to capture the bright yellow leaves on this tree and the ground around because they were especially gorgeous but the caution tape seemed in the way. I took it anyway. I’m glad I did the colors seem to work together.

Rain on the roof though wet window

Rain on the roof though wet window

Coming out of an office last week on a rainy morning I noticed this roof puddle reflecting the fall colors. I’ll take a picture of anything. Even:

Grape Leaves on the Deck

Constellation of Grape Leaves on the Deck

I’m so glad there is Cee’s Odd Ball Challenges that gives me a place to share my whimsical flights of fancy. “Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.  We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them”.

Is anyone else and obsessive photographer?  Or have anything else you just have to do?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Clouds of 2012

I just learned how to make a gallery after one year at word press. Do you have a favorite?

Wonder Wednesday: Did You Experience Diwali Yesterday?

Was it because I asked for a festival of lights, a coincidence,  or maybe little Diwalis were taking place all over the world on this  special day!

My Story of Diwali

Still not to spiffy from a cold, yesterday, I drug myself out of the house and up to Safeway (the grocery store) anyway. It was The Husband’s birthday and there is a dinner to make.  On the way, National Public Radio was doing a special report on the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali, November 13th I was suddenly whisked back to 1985 when I got to experience Diwali first hand in Kathmandu.  The butter lamps, chalk paintings on the streets, and ancient buildings dripping with colored lights, lit up in my memory.  I still can see it all and wonder where my photos are, also I feel a sad longing and I wished I could experience such brilliance again.

Not as it often happens with wish, they are lost or forgotten, this one was granted soon as I left the store.  The clouds aligned and the sky sparkled for a moment then tuned this tree into a brilliant glowing light!  Was it because I asked for a festival of lights, a coincidence,  or maybe little Diwalis were taking place all over the world on this special day?  Did You have an experience of Diwali Yesterday? Any time this week will do 😉 .

Oh yes and we had cake with candle, too.

Beneath The Ginkgo Tree



Today I stopped on the way up our steep hill,

I should say I was stopped,

stopped in my tracks by the golden

leaves of a lone tree

shinning against the Paynes gray sky.


I set my brake hard, got out

to admire the view

to capture the sight with my phone.

As if awe could ever be held

to a single place

in a single moment.


The air sharp with a message of Fall,

birds singing near-by,

a 50 mile view across the bay

snapped into place

in the center of my soul.


For many years I have stalked this tree

From season to season,

the bare skeleton of Winter,

through the tender lacy dress of Spring,

and the full open fan of Summer,

but Fall is when it captures me.


Why was it this day I was stopped

arrested, held prison

in the unknown country of Magic

and Disbelief that I could

create this picture to keep for myself.


I must have looked quite mad

in my reverie, because a passerby stopped

and ask if every thing was all right.

“Please don’t release me from this moment just yet”

I silently prayed

“Everything is just fine.

You may join me if you like.” I spoke out loud.

She set her parking brake hard and got out,

then began to weep. She spoke only these words,

“I lost someone dear to one year ago today. This

is the first time I have been able to see color in all that time.”

She got back in her car released her brake

and continued up the hill.


Leaving me alone to wonder

how I can keep the light in my life

no matter what?  Or did I just meet

my  own tender, wounded, imprisoned self

beneath the Ginkgo Tree?
10-9-12 Carol Carlisle ©