Coloring My Garden Goldenrod

Color Your World – Goldenrod

Planted My Sweetpeas Yesterday

My Goldenrod seed box

I pulled out the box of seed packets yesterday to plant my Sweet Peas

Ready to sit out and watch my garden grow

Ready to sit out and watch my garden grow

Green man seems to be ready to watch over the garden too.

Sad little forgotten squash, maybe its seed are ready to plant

Delitata Squash

Delitata Squash

Oh I get the shivers just thinking about goldenrod paper. I had to keep or turn in the goldenrod copy?
I never could keep it straight when I made out grade cards.

Now Goldenrod is a color for my garden Yea!



16 thoughts on “Coloring My Garden Goldenrod

  1. Seems so early. Here in Oklahoma its a pinch early. Will have to till up our little garden area in March. Mary is my gardener. lol Wish I was able to do more because I love it. Good luck on your garden and plants.



  2. Carol, I especially like your first photo of the seed packets, makes me want to get out there and garden with this great weather. By the way, I could click on your photo and it came out beautifully large on my big computer screen. How do you set WordPress to do that?


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