CYW Green With Apples And Prickly Pears

Color Your World – Granny Smith Apple

Apparently Prickly Pear Cactus Green is closer to Granny Smith Apple Green than the actually apple. But Crayola didn’t make Little Green Apples.

5 thoughts on “CYW Green With Apples And Prickly Pears

  1. I could not get the song to play – maybe another time – but I loved your three pics for this color! The one with the label has such an artsy field and that label says so much! So much! Neither bad nor good – in my mind – but it has this feel of an higher thing and the way we have access to some darn good apples!
    Then you bring is in a different view with pic 2 and then the full outdoors with the prickles and full shot- brilliant


      • I will try and listen later – my Mobile has the blocked music (at times) so I will try again- and thx about the A to Z comment – it is a little February challenge I have for myself right now and it is just a fresh little focus that I needed – blog wise that is – but I may needed to pause from it all come March – ha! Guess we shall see – thx again and good day C! 🌺


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