Color Your World and Thursday Doors Double Dip

Quince agnate grey fence
Quince peeking through grey fence
Garden Gate
Garden Gate


Lapageria against fence
Lapageria against fence

The quince is blooming like crazy after all the rain and the bell flowers (Lapageria) has the most flowers in 15 years, that’s why I keep posting photos of them both.

I may re-post these for salmon pink or some other dark pink but I just couldn’t bring myself to post just grey for today’s

6 thoughts

  1. I was wondering if these were current flowers until I read your post. They are beautiful. I bet you are really enjoying them. So glad you got some rain to help them along. I will be so glad when “spring” gets here I love to see the trees and flowers bloom. Just reminds me of our home and your parents home when they bloom. They always had flowers blooming.



  2. We can’t have too many photos of your gorgeous Quince. It adds some pizazz to the grey fence and I love the lines of the garden gate. The semi-circle adds a lot of simple detail to the design.


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