You Get A Jazz-Berry-Jam Door Jam

From Keeyla's Medow
Selfie though Keeyla’s Back Door

Just in case you’re wondering what a Jazz Berry looks like…

A Jazz Berry
A Jazz Berry Jam Pot

My photos for today is from a wild California garden while Norm’s is  of a stately Montreal Cathedral.
We all have our own sacred places, dare anyone say which one is best?

Jazz Berry  for and Jungle Green

11 thoughts

  1. I love the color of your hat in the reflection. It is a thoughtful, yet subtle, addition to the photograph. Jazz berry—sounds like a new flavor from Ben & Jerry. Perhaps a spin on the old Neapolitan trio?


    1. Wen I can’t get out of the way I just included myself. Especially when my hat matches.
      Jazz berry jam. We make it in August around here. 😉
      Did you have thunder last night? Here on Albany hill we had one BIG clap that shook the house and set off car alarms. EEHa!


      1. No thunder over here. We did have a transformer blowup this morning nearby. we lost power for a few hours, but PG&E got it back online fast.


              1. Here’s the caveat: For some reason or another I charged my iPad the night before. While power was out I brewed some coffee on the gas cooktop and read a book on the Kindle app of my iPad.

                You might call it the best of both worlds.

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