1-Deink the Forest Camera+
1-Drink the Forest Camera+

The moss and grass really is that color of green!

2-Picnic Beneath the Plums Camera+

Now is the most glorious time in the hills. People, dogs, plum blossoms come out to enjoy the fresh rain washed air.
I visit special places over and over until I can capture the trees and dog and people at the peak of reveling in the height of first warmth.. No wonder Feb 21 was Dedicated to Saint Bridget and this year Chinese New Year.

https://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/sally-ds-mobile-photography-challenge-challengers-choice-still-life-with-white-gerber-daisy/ Street photography is also suggested  for the 4th Monday challenge I guess we’ll have to call this trail photography….

Let me know what you think.

17 thoughts

  1. The reflection in the first photo is great, but the second B&W image is my favorite. The pale tone of the Plum tree gives it an almost Infrared quality. I just love it.


          1. I don’t use MPro as much ever since my Hipstamatic skills have improved. But occasionally I give that infrared filter of theirs a workout.


  2. I also love that second photo. It is a beautiful time here in the Bay Area right now with all the blossoms popping out all over. Tilden Park is a wonderful place to see all of this en masse!


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