Wandering Seinfeld like in a parking garage “The car was on level 3 “we assured ourselves. Then out of nowhere we heard trumpets and guitars and singing words we didn’t understand. Forgetting the car we rushed to look down at the street below. There was a parade, no wait there’s a cross and Jesus. Oh it is Good Friday. What we were witnessing was A Passion Play or in Spanish El Villa de Cruz. Viva mobile phones. Heres what I captured.

1-The Passion
1-The Passion

He’s bare foot and the Roman guards are helping with the Cross. You could hear the crack of the whip, I think they were using fireworks because it was so loud.

2-The Shadow of the Cross. Hipstamatic
2-The Shadow of the Cross. Hipstamatic

Even though we were 3 stories up it was startling profound to watch, even for me who often finds spirituality in nature. This is the rawness of human nature at its worst and best…

Let me know what you think.

Mobile Photography

I’m adding a link to Color Your World Scarlet   because the robes are the right color I really like sharing these photo captures.


7 thoughts

  1. Sometimes the unexpected can move us in ways that we do not anticipate. Pageantry and tradition can do it. I agree with you. Nature is the source of my spirituality, even as I am proud of my heritage. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Yes the surprise bias the best part it was a gift after a frustrating earlier part of the day.
      Without our heritage we might not have the tools to appreciate nature as deeply n
      Happy Monday


  2. What a wonderful thing to see! Even though the Passion shows off some of the worst of human nature, it was a necessary part of God’s plan to save us, showing that even evil is overcome by God. What a relief to know when so much of life looks bleak!


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